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Summer has hit with full force and we are currently faced with temps hitting 40 degrees. Its an easy decision to ditch your training session and head indoors to the comfort of the air conditioning and some ice cold beverages. As trainers, we are always mindful of the conditions our clients will be training in and we will always adjust the sessions to suit the conditions and prevent dehydration and injury.

Here are a few tips to beat the heat and have a successful workout

1. Stay well hydrated

You need to ensure that you increase your water intake throughout the day to ensure that you maintain hydration. Water intake should be increased 30 mins prior to exercise and taken regularly during exercise. Consider an appropriate sports drink that can replace essential electrolytes that are lost due to sweating.

2. Avoid caffeine

Try to reduce the intake of coffee, tea and soft drinks as these can act as a diuretic and increase fluid loss.

3. Choose cooler times of the day

Try setting the alarm an hour earlier and completing your workout before the sun has a chance to get in to full force. Not only will it ensure that you get in a quality workout but will have you energised for the day ahead. Look to avoid exercising outdoors between 10am and 5pm.

4. Lower the intensity level

Performing high intensity sessions on extremely hot or humid days are not advisable due to the additional stress that is placed on the body. Instead of your usual HIIT session, dial back the intensity and place more focus on performing correct technique and add in longer rest breaks to hydrate.

5. Change your workout

Instead of that 5km run, change up your workout and practise movements that need work or you don’t often get to do such as your core. 

6. Wear appropriate clothing

Sounds simple, but wearing lightweight breathable clothing will make you feel considerably cooler than wearing tight compression clothing. Always remember your hat and to apply sunscreen! 

7. Work on flexibility and mobility

A big part of a quality training program is ensuring that you spend the required amount of time working on flexibility and mobility. This will help with your recovery and will allow you to perform more effectively. Alternatively, book in with your Remedial Massage Therapist.

8. Listen to your body

Most important if you start to feel weak or light headed…..STOP! This is a sign that you are overheating and could do serious damage.

If you need any help with your training program contact us now!